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Oh Nintendo…

A lot of people as us why we hate Nintendo here… Which isn’t entirely true… we used to be madly in love with Nintendo… as our Editor Brett will tell you…

I met Nintendo Christmas morning under a Christmas tree when I was 6 years old… He was only 64 bits back then but I thought he was so cute, we started playing and instantly became inseparable. I loved all our little games, rescuing the princess, flying spaceships, and even fighting! My favorite I pretended to be a little boy in little tunic rescuing a princess, and as we grew older I thought that Nintendo would be my one true love, always full of a youthful joy and wonder.

Learn about Brett’s love and loss… after the jump…

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Review formation! Huxley: The Dystopia.

Alright! It’s time for our first official review! First on the chopping block? The new Free to Play MMOFPS Huxley: The Dystopia… Okay, so technically Huxley is still in the Beta stages but we’re fairly sure that the hours of what we played was pretty damn close to the final build so we’ll give you some first impressions.

The Back story.

In the not so distant future (somewhere in time and space!) Nuclearites have done… something, we think they blew up the moon, and this caused irreversible damage to the planet… so somehow this race of mutant humans was created and forced into slave labor, but under the leadership of Dr. Huxley, the mutant humans or the “Alternatives” start a race war against the humans, fighting for mutant rights.

That sounds pretty familiar, bub.

That sounds pretty familiar, bub.

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Star Wars Dance Off… Why?

Alright, if you sat through all twelve minutes of that and have any respect for the Star Wars franchise left that isn’t just fond memories then we would like you to know that grief counseling and cake will be provided at the end of this post. If you didn’t sit through all of it or just skipped right to our sexy words then let us give you the basic run down. What we have here is the Dancing With the Star Wars Stars Dance Off.



Something that happens during the Star Wars Weekends at the Disney Hollywood Studios. What it really is though, is just more shameless exploitation of a once loved franchise that has done nothing but spiral downwards into shame and prostitution. This display is almost insulting to the intelligence. They even bring out Ahsoka! Why?! Because everything you love will end up sucking and hate you! Why didn’t they just air the Star Wars Holiday special and then have some guy dressed as Jar Jar Binks come out during intermission and kick every audience member square in the crotch? As for us? We’re going to go pitch that idea to the Disney Hollywood Studios, and you? Well tell us, when did all of the pain start?

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