Review formation! Huxley: The Dystopia.

Alright! It’s time for our first official review! First on the chopping block? The new Free to Play MMOFPS Huxley: The Dystopia… Okay, so technically Huxley is still in the Beta stages but we’re fairly sure that the hours of what we played was pretty damn close to the final build so we’ll give you some first impressions.

The Back story.

In the not so distant future (somewhere in time and space!) Nuclearites have done… something, we think they blew up the moon, and this caused irreversible damage to the planet… so somehow this race of mutant humans was created and forced into slave labor, but under the leadership of Dr. Huxley, the mutant humans or the “Alternatives” start a race war against the humans, fighting for mutant rights.

That sounds pretty familiar, bub.

That sounds pretty familiar, bub.

Check out our breakdown after the jump.

The Good

We’d like to first start out by saying that Huxley is an blend of interesting concepts, and really stupid crap. As per format though, we’re going to start out with what we like.
PVE: Player Vs. Environment is, for lack of a better phrase, pretty damn fun. Since Huxley is an MMOFPS the old standby of “click monster to make dead” is gone… okay well you still click it to make it dead but it plays much more like your standard shooter than an MMORPG which makes killing monsters a much more active experience. Hell if you can circle strafe and shoot, you’ll pretty much be able to take down anything, but you’ll feel like you actually had a fight, not a click off.

Pictured: Clicksticuffs

Pictured: Clicksticuffs

Visuals: we played Huxley on the highest settings offered but just for fun we bumped it down to the normal settings to see how it looked and ran. We were surprised to see that a Free to Play game running on such great settings. The environments are slick and impressive, and character animations are well done. But, those are really the only things that we enjoyed with Huxley, it had promise but it just doesn’t execute all of it’s ideas well enough and ultimately comes up short.

The Bad
Questing: We thought since the PVE was so different and enjoyable, the questing would follow suit, but it somehow manages to be even worse, it’s like they combined every mission that people hate from First Person Shooters and all the pointless grind from Roleplaying Games. We actually found ourselves grinding in an escort mission an ESCORT MISSION. No one likes escort missions! You want to know why? Because AI is stupid… No matter what game it is in! Because it’s AI.

Case and point.

Case and point.

Selection: Huxley has your pretty standard fair of weapons, ranging from your shotguns to your grenade launchers and sniper rifles… and that’s the problem… there isn’t anything different or new about the weapons. Sure your sniper rifle is essentially a bolt of lightning, but it doesn’t function any different than a sniper rifle from any other game. Even the armor is generic. It’s no secret that in MMO’s you really don’t start to look that different from everyone around you until you hit the much later levels of the game, but in Huxley… you pretty much look the same as everyone else… all the time. So much so that we spent our first team deathmatch killing our own guys because we couldn’t tell the difference between which hulking mass of testosterone to make go boom.

This. All over again.

This. All over again.

PVP:That segues nicely into our experience with the PVP. Now normally we would have ignored the PVP completely because everyone knows that the only remotely fun FPS to play online is Team Fortress 2, it’s a scientific fact, but to get more higher level equipment you need these things called “Battle Markers” which you gain by participating and winning PVP matches called “Skirmishes”. Our experience with PVP, as usual, was awful. There are massive amounts of lag, the match types are your generic fair and it’s non-new player friendly, but you can’t just avoid it because as we stated, you’re forced into the multiplayer to progress in the game. It’s like torture.

The Ugly:
Character Creation: This department is severely lacking, compared to games like Aion, Global Agenda and Champions Online coming out that boasts and delivers such expansive character creation systems, Huxley is really coming up short. How you play the game is actually DEPENDANT on your race and sex so picking a faction holds no bearing other than to tell you how to play the game, not that it matters what faction you are on, whatever side you pick your goal will be “See these dudes? Kill them dead.”

See these dudes? KILL THEM DEAD

See these dudes? KILL THEM DEAD

So if you want to be a character that specializes in speed? You’re going to be a female Alternative. You want to maximize your equipment potential? You’re going to be a male Sapien. This wouldn’t be so bad if every male wasn’t a beefed out muscle-mass and every female wasn’t a busty vixen. We’re small and pathetic nerds here at the Squadron and we’re completely aware of that, so most of us make characters who reflect us, like sneaky rogues or fat loudmouth dwarfs. We understand that this isn’t a fantasy MMO but we do like some options.

Every character is also ugly as sin, we were trying to get a helmet as fast as possible just to stop looking at our own ugly face.

Every character is also ugly as sin, we were trying to get a helmet as fast as possible just to stop looking at our own ugly face.

Is Huxley: The Dystopia, worth the… well… it’s free, but is it worth the time? We’re going to go with a No. The factors against this game far outweigh what we enjoyed. The PVP is awful, the character selection is lacking in all factors and the weapons/armor selection is minimal and uninspired. In short, Huxley is a bunch of good ideas… mixed with a steaming bowl of halfass. What do you expect from an Free 2 Play game though? Our advice is to wait it out and spend the money on one of the better MMOs coming out this fall.


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