Newwwwwwwws time chiiiiiiiildren!

Looking to make your life a little more post apocalyptic? Can’t get your hands on some power armor, or a laser pistol? Well here’s what you can get your grubby little wastelander mitts on.


Good thing our Medicine skill is so high, those extra stimpaks go a long way.

Chris, over at Weekly Geekly has posted a handy little guide to making your own world a little more dreary with these Capital Wasteland Accessories. What we love about this is that it could make a Fallout 3 Wanderer cosplay so much better. Imagine, you’ve got your jumpsuit, you slaved over a pip-boy, you’ve specked your face with dirt and grime, you set foot in those convention hall doors, and there you see… another Lone Wanderer… Your costumes are both well made and look fantastic, but imagine how much better you’ll look when you try to pay for your ticket with a handful of caps. Just make sure you bring actual money, the last time we tried to trade caps for a cheeseburger, the cops didn’t take to kindly to it. It would have been just a misdemeanor but then we tore off our clothes and tried to pretend we were feral ghouls. What can we say? Jet is hell of a drug.

[Via Kotaku]


1 Response to “Newwwwwwwws time chiiiiiiiildren!”

  1. 1 Tyler
    07/29/2009 at 6:30 pm

    I really want a Nuka-Cola Quantum.

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