Monday Movie Mad Hatter Mania!

Alright, so our post title wasn’t very clever, but it is Monday. Yep! We’ve got the premier trailer for Tim Burton’s: Alice in Wonderland! Some might say we’re the first ones to get ahold of it… and those people would be us… and we’re dirty liars. We just can’t help ourselves! We just want to be popular so much! We even went down to the old creek with Brad the varsity quarterback, bringing along a case of wine coolers and leaving our inhibitions at home! We don’t think we’ll ever be innocent again… Not after how he made us feel so… dirty…

You said you loved us Brad...

You said you loved us Brad...

To say the least we should have gone with Chase, the rebellious loner with a heart of gold, but hey, you live and you learn. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah! Alice in Wonderland. The Squadron has a lot of respect for Tim Burton, the man pretty much popularized the Gothic Subculture. Even if the resulting popularity created a fan base of idiots, we still have massive nerd love for the man. However we do have reservations about this. As always the Squadron has healthy amounts of skepticism and we’re 75% positive that this will turn into “Watch Johnny Depp attempt to carry a movie as a nutty and off kilter character” just like that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory insult. Of course we are impressed by the visuals we saw, Tim Burton does have the ability to assault your brain with amazing and fantastical sights, but just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again, it was all fluff and no substance. So we’ll see it when it comes out, and hey, if it’s good, it’s good. If not? We can just go play American McGee’s Alice, for our dose of a looking glass that’s been warped, fun house mirror style.


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