Sunday Waste of Time: Tone Matrix

It’s Sunday! You know what that means! … You don’t? Well… of course you don’t, this is the first time we’ve done this. Now, how many of you have lazy Sundays? You sit around with nothing to do, you’ve already yelled at people for not having a hat, cried for a while, and contemplated suicide only to decide not to because it would be far to much effort to get up off the couch and actually do it. So, you sit on that couch, looking at pictures of LOLcats, just hoping for something to waste another hour of your pathetic life.

This... this is an act of shame.

This... this is an act of shame.

Well fear not Internet! We know your itch and we have your cure!


The Andre-Michelle Tone Matrix is a seemingly simple 16 by 16 grid when looked at but click a square and you’ll find that each square is actually a note on a 16 step sequencer with the horizontal location of the square determining the timing of the note and the vertical location determining its pitch. What makes it even more interesting is that  the whole thing is laid out on a wavemap, causing ripples when any note is pinged. We can tell you, we’ve spent hours with this thing, making little tunes ranging from some complex bleeps and bloops to trying to play some notable songs. So, give it a shot, mix some tunes and stay away from the other audio tools, because without a rudimentary knowledge of sound mixing tech, you’ll be a bit in over your head. And feel free to copy and paste some of your tunes in the comments! We’ll only make fun of them so that we can take them later and say we made them.


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