80 Microsoft points and your dignity. No refunds.

Here we have a preview of the Avatar Market Place that will come with the Dashboard update. Now we’re all for the Xbox 360 Market place. It’s a great way to not only get some simple yet fun games, some old classics and even some videos, but this? This we will have no part in. Xbox is basically asking you to shell out money for nothing.

No... goddammit.

No... goddammit.

The full video explains that prices range from 40- 320 Microsoft points which is about .50 cents to three dollars in American currency (which is about 1 to three green rupees in Hylian.) How much is your shame guys? Maybe 320 points for that RC warthog that you can’t control, or 80 points for those goggles. Whatever the price, just know that you won’t get anything out of this transaction other than the right to say that you have a hat and some asshole doesn’t. YOU CAN DO THAT ON THE STREET! Just follow our handy guide

  1. Put on a hat. The more abnoxious the better.
  2. Walk around some populated area.
  3. Find a guy.
  4. IMPORTANT He must NOT be wearing a hat!
  5. Proceed to follow him around and mock him for not having a hat.
  6. Be sure to insinuate that his lack of a hat makes him a communist or a Frenchman.
  7. Finally, go home and continue your lonely existence, buying raw chicken breasts just to feel some sort of flesh against yours. (Not that we do that.)
Oh you dirty sluts....

Oh you dirty sluts....

The new 360 Dashboard update drops August 11th, along with the levels of dignity in gamers everywhere.


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