Well Played Darksiders… Well Played…

Alright, we’ll give you a second to breathe. You good? Awesome. That’s right, Darksiders got MARK HAMILL to do the voice of The Watcher in their upcoming release. Better yet? It’s not just Mark Hamill talking, he’s doing his Batman TAS Joker voice. That almost warrants us buying the game already! Listening to a supernatural Joker constantly berate and threaten us fulfills some of our most nerdy (and masochistic) dreams! As a team of cynical bastards however we do have an issue. Watching a few other trailers we were promised to be the ultimate badass, when that’s impossible because everyone knows that this man is the ultimate badass.

Got a problem with that? Hm?

Got a problem with that? Hm?

What happened to characters with weakness? With humanity? When a plucky little kid in a green tunic, or a theoretical physicist with a crowbar could be heroes? Are they all lost in a sea of gravely voices, one liners and balls to the wall action and explosions? Victims of a generation of foaming at the mouth, Ritalin popping adrenal junkies we figure. Darksiders: Wrath of War hits 2010.

Here’s a Dev Walkthrough on Darksiders if you’re still interested.

And here’s another picture of Samuel L. Jackson.

Yeah, he's still the ultimate badass.

Yup, still the ultimate badass.


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