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Ronin Dojo Community College DX concludes, and it was a good ride. ForTaxReasons really captured the spirit and maladjusted personalities of all the gamers and Otaku we put up with as nerds and geeks. If you haven’t watched all of their episodes and shorts, we recommend you take a look at them, they are great for a laugh, even though when you laugh at Mark and Barry, you’re really laughing at yourselves.

In some unrelated news, the Champions Online Open Beta begins in two days, so grab those open beta codes while you can. You can get them off FilePlanet or D2D, Gamestop no longer has any codes to give out. Open beta will run from the 17th to the 24th and the Headstart weekend starts the 28th.


Turbines to speed!

We’re at a loss for words… Okay maybe we can think of a few. Like these: HOLY TOO-MUCH-TIME-ON-HIS-HANDS BATMAN! This guy actually built a probably 1/3rd (estimate) scale Tumbler Batmobile out of a (if our Go-Kart knowledge is still up to date) a Kawasaki Arctic cat. It’s got real big ol’ front tumbler tires and will guarantee, the moment you sit in it, that you never experience sex again. We’re positive that this guy had to forefit every last shred of attraction to the opposite sex to make this Tumbler complete. All we know is?

Check out the jump for some math and our dreams!

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Science! Guns and games!

Okay, if you don’t want to sit through the whole explanation (which we recommend because it’s actually pretty damn cool) the actual gameplay starts at 1:55 in. And if you skipped the whole thing… then you’re a jerk. What? The videos we find aren’t good enough for you? Fine, that’s fine, we’ll explain it. Waterloo labs shows us all how to play Half-Life (well, a flash version of it) using some Accelerometers, a big ol’ board, a bit of programming skill and some guns. Alright, despite being completely pointless because you could just as easily use a light gun for this sort of thing, it’s completely fucking awesome. Thinking about it though, imagine the possibilities of this! We could use this as training device for the military! Or even just put it in arcades! Who said that playing video games are just murder training simulators?!

Oh… wait…

Our bad!

Our bad!


Oh Nintendo…

A lot of people as us why we hate Nintendo here… Which isn’t entirely true… we used to be madly in love with Nintendo… as our Editor Brett will tell you…

I met Nintendo Christmas morning under a Christmas tree when I was 6 years old… He was only 64 bits back then but I thought he was so cute, we started playing and instantly became inseparable. I loved all our little games, rescuing the princess, flying spaceships, and even fighting! My favorite I pretended to be a little boy in little tunic rescuing a princess, and as we grew older I thought that Nintendo would be my one true love, always full of a youthful joy and wonder.

Learn about Brett’s love and loss… after the jump…

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Rev Rant Response: Games as Art.

Let us start off by saying we’re pretty big followers of Destructoid and we all hope that one day our little blog here gets to that sort of status among gamers, and while we agree with Anthony up there, we think he’s also incorrect about a few key things.

Hit the jump to see our opinion.

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Review formation! Huxley: The Dystopia.

Alright! It’s time for our first official review! First on the chopping block? The new Free to Play MMOFPS Huxley: The Dystopia… Okay, so technically Huxley is still in the Beta stages but we’re fairly sure that the hours of what we played was pretty damn close to the final build so we’ll give you some first impressions.

The Back story.

In the not so distant future (somewhere in time and space!) Nuclearites have done… something, we think they blew up the moon, and this caused irreversible damage to the planet… so somehow this race of mutant humans was created and forced into slave labor, but under the leadership of Dr. Huxley, the mutant humans or the “Alternatives” start a race war against the humans, fighting for mutant rights.

That sounds pretty familiar, bub.

That sounds pretty familiar, bub.

Check out our breakdown after the jump.

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Huxley. A game that no one really cares about.

“Tribal” armored space marines? Scantly clad but somehow also armored women? Aliens? No no, you’re not playing Unreal Tournament. You’re looking at Huxley: The Distopia, the new F2P MMOFPS CS WTFOMGLOLZBBQ. God damn we love the Internet and it’s crazy acronyms. In English for you not with the times: Huxley is a Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. Should you care? We don’t know… It just seems so generic.

Check out our comparison after the jump

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